September 24th, 2012

Some of the software projects recently completed or currently under construction are as follows:

Wireless ISP – I am building a regional wireless network, together with Digital Village, a non profit organisation. The network will cover the entire Garden Route and will supply free internet access and value added services to the region’s schools, community organisations, clinics, libraries, etc.

iOS & AndroidMobile Apps – Building mobile apps is what consumes a lot of my time these days. I build apps for iOS and Android, and would typically build the cloud backend as well. iOS stands out as by far the more robust development platform, but with enough time and effort Android apps can be built that does the same stuff.

Cloud Computing– I have been involved in various hosted solutions, virtual environments and ASP (Application Service Provisioning)  models. In 2005 I completed a UK based MBA focusing on Application provisioning using a hosted services model. This has given me the ability to not only understand the technical complexities of the ASP model but also the business risks, key decision factors and benefits.

I have build various ASP models. have rolled out a national cloud based application to a government unit, and have build numerous true cloud apps, some with accompanying mobile apps.


Call Center installations – Installed various call centers using asterisk as well as other VOIP routers and embedded devices.  These installations are typically combined with custom application developments to suit the client’s needs.  Few installations included integration with bespoke CRM and billing systems to maximise technology investments.

logostrip[1]Web based Database Application development – Busy with phase 3 of a national web based application for a government department.  Built on php, mysql and a decent framework, allowing online and offline data capture and reporting.

images[1]Remote monitoring and management – Designed various systems to monitor servers, networks and devices, using a combination of tools, including mrtg, smokeping, bigbrother, rrd, nagios, hobbit, etc.

Currently developing a remotely deploy-able device that will physically monitor and manage a vast array of device connected into it.

Website design & development – I design and develop quality and complex websites on a regular basis. Some key customers are the local municipalities, corporates and non profits. To see a portfolio of recently completed sites visit the official company site here.

Custom e-commerce developments – Designed and developed several custom e-commerce applications, allowing niche interfacing between web commerce and internal systems.

Website design training – I run Joomla and WordPress training courses, teaching and empowering everyone to be in a position to create their own websites.

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